The Panmure Island Lighthouse Association was formed in 1996 to save this local, historic landmark.  It started with a handful of dedicated local volunteers whose mission was to save the lighthouse from demolition, achieve ownership of the building and work to restore the structure and raise the funds to maintain the property for future generations.

The Panmure Island Lighthouse Association (PILA) is comprised of a volunteer Board of Directors and a membership of almost 200 people, whose $ 10/year membership dues help fund our restoration efforts.  The majority of the hands-on work is accomplished by the dozen or so dedicated local volunteers.

In 2013, the lighthouse was recognized by the Prince Edward Island Heritage Association., ensuring that it would not be torn down.  In December of 2015, the Federal Government transferred ownership to the Association.  Part of the transfer of ownership included one time only grant to be used exclusively for capital improvements to the lighthouse.  Like most lighthouses on PEI, the Panmure Island lighthouse required repair work from a decade of neglect, including carpentry work inside and out, metal work on the lantern, outside improvements, window repair and painting.

The local volunteers have taken on many of the tasks involved in the restoration of the building, the improvements to the grounds and the work of volunteering in the giftshop , as well as other fundraising events, so that this landmark lighthouse will continue to shine.

In November of 2016, the restoration efforts of our volunteers were recognized by the Voluntary Resource Council of PEI.  This was the very first time a “group” rather than an individual has been recognized by VRC.    The Voluntary Resource Council was founded to strengthen communication and cooperation amongst the voluntary sector on P.E.I, and to provide services and information to various volunteer groups.  In addition to the award, PILA was presented with a box of 100 various Spring Bulbs from Vessey’s Seeds.  Less than a week later, 3 volunteers planted the bulbs along the recently completed fence line. We hope that our early season lighthouse visitors will enjoy this beautiful display of colour.

In February of 2017,  the PILA volunteer group was awarded a special Heritage Award in recognition of its work in restoring the Panmure Island Lighthouse.

The PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation Heritage Awards are presented each year to individuals or groups in recognition of architecture, writing, architectural preservation, genealogy and general heritage activities.

It is a real honour to be recognized for the work that our volunteers do and the countless hours that they put in.   We are so very grateful to each of every one of them for countless jobs that they do, both large and small, that have made this wonderful old lighthouse come alive again.  We could never have accomplished this large undertaken without them.

Heart-felt thanks to you all.  We offer a very special thanks to our volunteers who serve on the Board of Directors, and to you who get your hands dirty (literally) and do all those never ending jobs to keep our Lighthouse glowing.

Panmure Island Lighthouse Volunteer Awards
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