The Fog Alarm Building

Panmure Island had one of the earliest fog alarms on the Island.   In 1908, the Department of Transport built a fog alarm building measuring 31 feet (9.4 metres) by 24 feet (7.3 metres).  It was constructed by B.D. Huntley to house a 3 inch Type F diaphone plant supplied by the Canadian Fog Signal Company of Toronto for $ 7,100.

That alarm was replaced by a Stone-Chance electric fog horn in 1971.

The building was sold off as surplus in 1980 and moved to an adjacent property and it can be seen in the field beside the lighthouse.  The original concrete foundation for the fog alarm building can still be seen on the lighthouse property.

Photo: Canadian Coast Guard


Fog Alarm Operators:

Mathias Condon                            1908 to 1929 or later

Augustine Jamieson                    1938 to 1940

Louis Jamieson                               1940 to 1948